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The CDC-HKEAA Committee on Chinese Language Education is a specialist group set up under the KLA Committee on Chinese Language Education and the HKEAA Public Examinations Board (PEB) to carry out tasks as designated by the CDC and the HKEAA.

  • Chairperson:
    • Ms LAI Miu-yee, Bonnie
      Clementi Secondary School
  • Member:
    • Dr CHAN Chu-kwong, Alex
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Chinese Language Studies
      The Education University of Hong Kong
    • Mr CHAN Siu-fung
      Assistant Principal
      Hong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute No.2 Secondary School
    • Ms CHAN Yuk-yin
      Elegantia College (Sponsored by Education Convergence)
    • Dr CHAO Lip-yan, Felix
      Senior Lecturer
      The Independent Learning Centre
      The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Dr CHEONG Choo-mui
      Assistant Professor
      Faculty of Education
      The University of Hong Kong
    • Ms FONG Pui-shan
      Heep Yunn School
    • Ms HO Yin-ping
      Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Chinese)
      Curriculum Development Institute
      Education Bureau
      Ex-officio Member
    • Mr LI Cheuk-hang
      Christ College
    • Dr TAM Mo-yee
      Senior Manager - Assessment Development (Chinese)
      Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
      Ex-officio Member
    • Ms TAM Wai-wan
      Henrietta Secondary School
    • Prof TSE Heung-wing, Ricky
      Faculty of Arts
      Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education
    • Ms WONG Man-han
      S.K.H. Bishop Baker Secondary School
    • Ms WONG Yuen-fan, Yellow
      St. Joseph's College
  • Secretary:
    • Ms KWAN Kwok-ying, Maggie
      Senior Curriculum Development Officer (Chinese)
      Curriculum Development Institute
      Education Bureau
      Ex-officio Member
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