Introduction & Navigation Guide  
  Part I   Student Programme  
  Booklet 1 The Student Programme to Achieve the Vision of the New Academic Structure – Whole-person Development and Life-long Learning  
  Part II   Curriculum Planning, Pedagogy and Assessment  
  Booklet 2 Planning Your Whole-school Curriculum – Broad and Balanced Curriculum with Diversification and Sufficient Choices  
  Booklet 3 Effective Learning and Teaching – Learning in the Dynamic World of Knowledge  
  Booklet 4 Assessment – An Integral Part of the Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment Cycle  
  Booklet 5A Other Learning Experiences – Opportunities for Every Student  
  Booklet 5B Student Learning Profile – Celebrating Whole-person Development  
  Booklet 6 Quality Learning and Teaching Resources – Facilitating Effective Learning  
  Booklet 7 Catering for Learner Diversity – Excellence for All in Senior Secondary Education  
  Part III   Interface  
  Booklet 8 Interface at S3/S4 and Articulation to Post-secondary Learning Pathways – Opportunities for All to Succeed  
  Booklet 9 Student Guidance on Careers and Further Studies – Exploring the Future  
  Part IV   Building Learning-centred Leadership  
  Booklet 10 Professional Development and Learning Culture – Building a Community of Practice  
  Booklet 11 Managing Change – A Concerted Effort