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About Us

Professional staff of LLSS (2020-2021)



Our vision is to promote life-long learning through raising language standards in Hong Kong.


Our mission is to develop a dynamic, collaborative and professional teaching force for the promotion of language learning.


We aim to:

  • raise students' language abilities through activating their learning motivation and unlocking their learning potential.

  • develop the capacity of curriculum leaders to innovate, lead and manage changes for the betterment of language learning and teaching in schools.

  • build a learning community among teachers and schools with a sharing and reflective culture.

Our Strengths

  • We have different areas of expertise in the Task Force to cater for the diverse needs of individual schools. There are excellent, experienced frontline language panel heads and teachers, language specialists from tertiary institutions, and experts from the Mainland and overseas.

  • We have ample experience collaborating with teachers in using research-based classroom study to tackle different school-based issues in language learning and teaching and to promote reflective teaching.

  • We have developed a bank of school-based research and development cases for teachers' use. These cases illustrate the whole process of school-based curriculum development, and evidence collected from learners and teachers provides useful insights into the experiences of all those involved in this process.

  • We have jointly developed with teachers a variety of learning and teaching materials and strategies for schools with different contexts. These materials have been tried out in the classroom. The special features of the materials and strategies and the impact of the try-outs are discussed, so as to demonstrate how teachers can best adapt materials to suit their own school contexts.

  • We have formed different Learning Communities, each with a unique focus. Workshops and inter-school visits are organised to enable enthusiastic teachers and potential leaders to benefit from peer learning and to make contributions to the school sector.

Support Services

  • We provide on-site support to schools to help build the expertise of teachers in designing curriculum plans, exploring different learning and teaching strategies and using assessment to improve learning and teaching. Regular on-site visits will be paid to schools on a needs basis.

  • We collaborate with teachers in conducting small-scale school-based research and development projects to address specific issues related to learning and teaching. We identify problems, work out possible solutions, collect evidence of learning (through lesson observations, videotaping of try-outs, interviews, questionnaires and reflective journals) and reflect on the impact on learning and teaching. Useful knowledge and experiences generated by this will provide information to improve practice and serve as an impetus for school-based curriculum development.

  • We organise professional development activities on different scales (school-based, network-based, and territory-wide) to address specific issues identified by schools. Seminars and workshops will be conducted to disseminate good practices in learning and teaching and to address topics of common concern.

  • We use multiple means such as our webpage, compendiums and CD-ROMs to promote the sharing of different school practices in the learning and teaching of languages.