Teachers’ Eligibility to Teach PE


Physical education (PE) lessons in primary and secondary schools should be conducted by those teachers who have received training in the teaching of PE. For activities with higher risk, e.g. swimming, trampoline, etc, PE teachers should also have attained relevant qualifications. If in doubt about personal qualifications, the teacher or applicant should seek advice from the Education Bureau through his/her school. He/She should provide this Bureau with detailed information about his/her qualifications and previous training, e.g. academic results, transcripts, etc for scrutiny. Generally, he/she should have completed the following course work at post-secondary level locally or overseas in order to be considered eligible to teach PE in Hong Kong schools –


A.    Education Theory

B.     PE

1.          Theory

2.          Practical

        At least 160 contact hours in skill proficiency and teaching method of at least [1] 8 physical activities selected from 4 different areas recommended by the Curriculum Development Council; and

        Those who wish to teach PE in primary schools should also take “Fundamental Movement” related module(s).

3.          Supervised teaching practice in PE


For enquiries, please write to –

                Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Physical Education)

Physical Education Section, Education Bureau

3/F, 323 Java Road, North Point


(or send email to pe@edb.gov.hk)


1.      General School Training Circular No. 137/90: Heads of schools have advised not to allocate PE lessons to teachers who have not been trained to teach Physical Education (PE) in the school year 1990/91.


2.      Safety Guidelines on Physical Education Key Learning Area for Hong Kong School : “Schools should only appoint teachers who have completed subject-training in PE to teach PE.” (Ch. I (1))


3.      School Administration Guide (2018/19) school year: “School Management Committees are reminded to note the requirement for eligibility to teach physical education for teachers.” (7.2.1 and 7.4.2)


[1] * For details about the areas and types of activities, please refer to para. 3.3.3 (p. 60) of the "Physical Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 - Secondary 6) (2017) at http://www.edb.gov.hk/attachment/en/curriculum-development/kla/pe/curriculum-doc/PEKLACG_e.pdf