Private Recreational Leases


The Private Recreational Leases (PRLs) are special purpose leases granted by the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) to organisations that provide facilities for recreational purposes. The leaseholders shall make their facilities available to the following eligible bodies, subject to certain conditions:


The HAB will update the list of leaseholders as appropriate and upload the list to the website at provide greater access to the facilities, the HAB has introduced the Open-up Schemes in 2013.  Details of the use of recreational and sports facilities, fees and charges, opening time slots and contact details can be found at the HAB' s website or the Education Bureau Circular No. 11/2013.


Schools interested in using the facilities provided by holders of PRLs are required to approach the respective leaseholder direct. 


For enquiries, please contact the respective leaseholder or the HAB at 3509 7068 or 3509 8039.