The Learning Targets of KS1 (Primary 1 to 3):


At the completion of KS1, students are able to


·         develop fundamental movement skills through fundamental movement activities and physical play ;

·         display positive attitudes towards participation in physical activities ;

·         describe the health benefits of physical activities ; and

·         express oneself and show creative thinking in physical activities.




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The Learning Targets of KS2 (Primary 4 to 6):


At the completion of KS2, students are able to


·         develop basic skills at least eight different physical activities from not less than four areas through introductory activities and modified games ;

·         engage regularly in at least one co-curricular physical activity ;

·         show understanding in the basic knowledge about physical activities and their contribution to health ;

·         communicate and co-operate effectively with others ; and

·         follow rules and regulations, and demonstrate fair play .




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