Resource Pack for the Economics Curriculum (Secondary 4-6) - Efficiency, Equity and Role of Government:
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Teacher's Version

Students' Version

Contents and Introduction


Unit 1


Efficiency and Equity in a Market Economy


Activity 1 V The Issue of Equity in a Market Economy

Activity 2 V Group Discussion on news reports on income distribution in H.K.

Activity 3 V Mini-role play: Consequences of income inequality

Activity 4 V Mini-debate: HKSAR Government should increase the fees for emergency medical services in public hospitals.

Activity 5 V Rents of public housing and private housing in Hong Kong

Assignment V

Unit 2


Measuring Income Inequality



2.1 Percentage of total income earned


Activity 1 V TM 1     TM2

Activity 2 V TM1     TM2     TM3

Assignment 1     Assignment 2     Assignment 3      Assignment 4

Activity 3 V TM1     Assignment 1     Assignment 2

2.2 The Lorenz Curve


Activity 1 V Boundaries of a Lorenz Curve

TM 1     TM 2     Assignment

Activity 2 V The relationship between income distribution and Lorenz Curve

TM 1     TM2     Assignment 1     Assignment 2

Activity 3 V Disadvantage of using the Lorenz Curve

TM 1     Assignment

2.3 The Gini Coefficient


Activity 1 V Understanding of Gini Coefficient

Worksheet     TM3     Assignment 1     Assignment 2

Activity 2 V Comparing the Gini Coefficient between Hong Kong and other countries

TM1     TM2

Activity 3 V Effect of the change in family size on Gini Coefficient in HK

TM1     Assignment 1     Assessment 1

Assessment 2     Assessment 3     Assessment 4

Unit 3


Factors Affecting Income Inequality



3.1 Factors of wage differentials

Worksheet      Assignment 1      Assignment 2

3.2 The major factors of income differentials

Worksheet      Assignment 1      Assignment 2

Unit 4

Equalising Income or Equalising Opportunities

Activity 1 V Group discussion on government policies on income distribution

Activity 2 V Identify government measures to improve income distribution

Activity 3 V Examine effects of different government measures on improving post-social transfer income distribution

Activity 4 V Pair discussion and individual written reports on government polices on equalising income

Unit 5

Disincentive Effects of Taxes and Transfers

Activity 1 V To examine the effect of tax on working incentive

Worksheet 1      Worksheet 2

Activity 2 V A mini-debate on thesis Transfer will discourage people to work or Transfer would help the poor more effectively

TM     Assignment1     Assignment2

Unit 6


Trade-off between Equity and Efficiency


Activity 1 V Analysing the use of the former North Point Estate

Activity 2 V Debate on the proposal for Home Ownership Scheme (HOS)

Activity 3 V Pair discussion and individual written report on Health Vouchers Scheme vs Half Medical Charges

Activity 4 V Review of the trade-off: the Case of Microloan


Guidelines on mini-debate

Guidelines on mini-role play

Guidelines on small group discussion

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