Video Resources for Economics


Video Clips 影片 Learning and Teaching Resources
1. Income Inequality
1. Oxfam, Cyberschool
    樂施會:無窮校園 (香港的貧窮和貧富懸殊的情況)

2. 2006 Population By-census “Thematic Report: Household Income Distribution in Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department
2. The Public Finance of Hong Kong
1. The 2009-10 Budget
    政府財政預算案 (2009-2010)

2. Inland Revenue Department
3. Linked Exchange Rate
1. Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Currency Board System

2. Hong Kong Monetary Authority, “Hong Kong’s Linked Exchange Rate System”(English version)


4. The Competitiveness of Hong Kong

1. IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook

2. World Economic Forum (WEF), Global Competitiveness Report

3. The Better Hong Kong Foundation, Reports and Publications
    香港明天更好基金 (報告及出版)

4. 香港競爭力論壇