Tang Ancestral Hall

Location and Access

Tang Ancestral Hall is located between Hang Mei Tsuen and Hang Tau Tsuen. Visitors can reach there by taking bus No.276 and get off at Ping Ha Road. It is a 5 minutes walk north of Ping Ha Road.

The main entrance of the Tang Ancestral Hall

History and Functions

According to the Tang genealogy, the ancestral hall was built by Tang Fong Shun 600 years ago. It was the main ancestral hall for the Tangs in Ping Shan. As a hall for the worship of major ancestors of all villages, it is also the venue for important village meetings. Other worshipping activities participated by the whole clan, such as the two worships in Spring and Autumn, and the Lantern Festival are also held here.

The plaque showing 'Tang Young King, the scholar of the Hanlin Academy' dated 1871

With remarkable official attainments during Ming and Qing Dynasties by the Tangs in Ping Shan, there are many plaques placed in the hall recording the glorious history of their members. The most important ones are those erected by Tang Young King, the scholar of the Hanlin Academy in 1871 and Tang Ku Nag, who came first in Provincial Examination in 1910.

Several attainment plaques (also called scholar plaques) made of granite are erected outside the hall. They were set up to commemorate the clan members who had gained official grades throughout history. It is a pity that most of the inscriptions had been deeply eroded and became unreadable. The one, which could still be visible, is the one established by Tang Kun Ting in 1837.