Nurturing Pupils’ Creative Thinking in the Upper Primary English Classroom is a resource package produced by the English Language Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in support of the implementation of the English Language Curriculum Guide (Primary 1-6) (CDC, 2004).

Creative thinking involves the generating of new ideas, exploring possibilities and discovering alternatives. It is one of the generic skills fundamental in helping pupils learn to acquire, construct and apply knowledge to solve problems. This resource package aims to promote creativity in the upper primary English classroom where open-ended problems are provided, communication of original ideas is supported and creative efforts are appreciated.


Aims of the resource package
The resource package aims to


Content of the resource package
The resource package consists of a booklet and a CD-ROM.

The booklet has three chapters, i.e. “An Introduction to Creative Thinking Tools”, “Learning and Teaching Materials for Nurturing Pupils’ Creative Thinking in the Upper Primary English Classroom” and “References”. The first chapter aims to introduce a range of creative thinking tools that can be integrated into the regular English classroom to stimulate imagination. The second chapter explores a variety of learning and teaching materials to be used together with the creative thinking tools to encourage free expression of ideas. To enhance motivation and confidence, ample opportunities are built in for the tryout of the tools to explore alternatives and solve problems in a supportive learning environment. Teachers are encouraged to select the appropriate creative thinking tools and adapt the learning and teaching activities to suit their pupils’ varied interests, needs and learning styles. The last chapter provides useful references to further enhance teachers’ professional development on the use of creative thinking strategies.

The CD-ROM is an electronic version of the resource package. The materials are available in the MS WORD and the PDF formats with a user-friendly interface to facilitate printing, editing and adaptation of materials for classroom use. The online version of the CD-ROM can also be accessed at the website of the English Language Education Section at .