The resource package Teen Time Remix – Using Authentic Materials for Developing Secondary Students’ Listening Skills is developed in collaboration with the SAMS Training and Research Unit of Hong Kong Baptist University in support of the implementation of the English Language curriculum. It is developed to illustrate the use of authentic materials to support the development of secondary students’ listening skills and strategies.

This resource package includes four units of tasks, audio clips for use in each unit and a video clip about the Teen Time radio programme.

The Four Units of Tasks

The four units of tasks are designed under the themes of “Healthy Eating”, “Two Greek Myths”, “Self-esteem and Cosmetic Surgery” and “Careers”. Each unit includes a task overview, task descriptions, task sheets, assessment forms, audio clips, answer keys and tapescripts for the audio clips.

Video Clip

A 15-minute Education Television (ETV) video clip entitled “One Day in the Life of a Disc Jockey” has been made to introduce the RTHK radio programme Teen Time. The clip is a behind-the-scenes documentary aiming to promote Teen Time by taking viewers through the challenging tasks that the Teen Time hosts, Ms Alyson Hau and Ms Jennifer Su, need to deal with in their preparation for the radio programme.