Enhancing English Vocabulary Learning and Teaching at Secondary Level is a resource package produced by the English Language Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in support of the implementation of the English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 3) (2002) and the English Language Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 – 6) (2007). Part of the materials in this resource package was adapted from those developed in the Collaborative Research and Development (‘Seed’) Project on ‘Working with Words: Enhancing Effectiveness of English Vocabulary Learning and Teaching at Secondary Level’ in the 2007/08 school year while others were developed through collaboration with teachers from two secondary schools. This package provides materials and ideas for the learning and teaching of vocabulary and the development of vocabulary building strategies at both junior and senior secondary levels.


The resource package aims to:

How was the vocabulary for the resource package selected?

The vocabulary focused on in this resource package was primarily selected from the Wordlists for the English Language Curriculum developed by the Education Bureau. Relevant categories in the wordlists were indicated in the Learning Objectives of each unit of tasks. However, words other than those in the wordlists were also chosen based on the following criteria: When selecting words to teach in the English lessons, teachers may like to make reference to the wordlists developed by the EDB, or introduce words beyond the lists which they deem appropriate. Instead of following the wordlists strictly, they should take their students’ needs into consideration and use their discretion to decide what and how many words to cover in the lessons. Teachers may also like to consider how they can integrate vocabulary learning into the English lessons with reference to the teaching ideas and suggestions in the resource package.

How can the resource package be used?

This resource package comprises a handbook and a CD-ROM, covering both the theories and practice in vocabulary learning and teaching.

The handbook consists of the following:
The CD-ROM consists of the following:

The text files in the CD-ROM are available in both PDF and MS WORD formats for ease of use and adaptation. Teachers might like to select and use the learning materials and teaching ideas in this resource package or adapt them to suit their students’ needs, interests and abilities.

The electronic version of this resource package can be accessed at the website of the English Language Education Section at