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The CDC-HKEAA Committee on Business, Accounting and Financial Studies is a specialist group set up under the KLA Committee on Technology Education and the HKEAA Public Examinations Board (PEB) to carry out tasks as designated by the CDC and the HKEAA.

  • Chairperson:
    • Mr WONG Chi-wai, Raymond
      Lock Tao Secondary School
  • Member:
    • Dr CHAN Kar-yee, Grace
      Senior Curriculum Development Officer (Technology Education)
      Curriculum Support Division
      Education Bureau
    • Ms KWAN Wai-yi, Janet
      Senior Lecturer
      Department of Accountancy and Law
      Hong Kong Baptist University
    • Mr LEUNG Yiu-wing, Eric
      BBA in Professional Accountancy Program
      School of Accountancy
      The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Ms LEUNG Ka-lai
      Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery
    • Mr LEUNG Yuet-fai
      Stewards Pooi Kei College
    • Ms LO Ching-yin
      SPHRC Kung Yik She Secondary School
    • Dr MOK Yuet-ngo
      Instructor I
      Department of Accountancy
      City University of Hong Kong
    • Mr POON Yuen-shun, Vincent
      Manager, Innovation and Partnerships
      Investor and Financial Education Council
    • Mr SHUM Chun-yip
      Heung To Middle School (Tin Shui Wai)
    • Ms SIU Yee-chun, Theresa
      Diocesan Girls' School
    • Ms SO Wai-kwan, Sue
      Manager - Assessment Development
      Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
    • Ms TING Man-shuk, Fion
      Vice Principal
      Munsang College
    • Mr WONG Man-kit
      Director, Education & Training
      Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    • Mr WONG Wai-wah, Francis
      External Examiner
      Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
  • Secretary:
    • Ms WONG Fung-shan, Winky
      Curriculum Development Officer (Technology Education)
      Curriculum Support Division
      Education Bureau
      Ex-officio Member
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