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The Setting up of the Task Force on Language Support

In June 2003, the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) issued the Final Report of Language Education Review - Action Plan to Raise Language Standards in Hong Kong, which sets out a number of recommendations for raising the standard of language proficiency in Hong Kong.

One of the major concerns is how to create a more motivating language learning environment. To achieve this, the concerted efforts of the whole community are indispensable. Of all the stakeholders, the language teaching force in schools obviously plays a vital role in raising students' confidence and competence in both languages.

SCOLAR recommended the setting up of a task force of teaching consultants to provide Chinese Language (including Putonghua) and English Language support services to all primary and secondary schools with a view to enhancing the professional capacity of Chinese and English panel heads and teachers to implement the curriculum reform. The Task Force on Language Support was formally set up in September 2004 to take forward this recommendation.

Over the years, the Task Force has nurtured a large pool of curriculum leaders and enthusiastic language teachers and developed different learning communities. It is encouraging to find that the positive impact of the curriculum reform has been embedded in schools and the culture of sharing and collaboration has been thriving in the school sector. In the coming years, the Task Force is well-prepared to work shoulder to shoulder with language teachers to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead.