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Bi-monthly Highlight


Discover Pioneering Approaches to Incorporate Values Education in the English Language Curriculum

Dive into our enlightening collection of posters from pioneering primary schools that have seamlessly integrated values education into their English Language curricula. All the showcased themes—National security education, Life Planning Education, experiential and life-wide learning, and Reading across the Curriculum—address practical approaches to foster whole-person development of our leaders of tomorrow. These schools' stories of curriculum innovation and cross-curricular synergy await you.


What's New

Date   Title
07/05/2024 New Integration of Values Education into English Language Learning – A Showcase of Effective School Practices
24/04/2024 New Sharing Session on School-based Experiences of Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Learning Chinese (Secondary)-cum-Award Presentation Ceremony of the "Intercultural Dialogue" Video Clip Competition: The Learning of Chinese Literature and Culture of Non-Chinese Speaking Students Chinese Content
16/04/2024 New Resource Teachers Network - The First Gathering (2023/24)
11/04/2024 New Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Learning Chinese (Secondary) - Award Presentation Ceremony of the "Intercultural Dialogue" Video Clip Competition Chinese Content
11/04/2024 New Lesson Observation and Case Sharing (Secondary) - Catering to Diverse Learning Needs and Fostering Students’ Whole-person Development through Optimising Schools’ English Language Curricula
28/03/2024   Experience Sharing Session (Chinese Language Education) - Making Good Use of Learning Time to Create Space for Nurturing Students' Positive Values and Attitudes Chinese Content

Voices from the Field

  • Ms Kylie Leung

    "Looking back at our LC (Learning Community) experience this year, we can sum it up with three words: feasible, sustainable and valuable."

    Ms Kylie Leung
    English Panel Head
    CCC Chun Kwong Primary School
  • Ms Yan Hoi Ching

    "In addition to improving the effectiveness of students' learning, the programme also fostered professional development among teachers... and mutual growth of the teaching team."

    Ms Yan Hoi Ching
    Chinese Language Teacher
    CCC Kei Yuen College
  • Ms Michelle Wong

    "We need to manage change, and the workshops of the Curriculum Leadership Development Programme have given me insights into how to do it."

    Ms Michelle Wong
    English Language Teacher
    F.D.B.W.A. Chow Chin Yau School
  • Ms Lui Lai Sin

    "The interpretation of teaching materials can be summed up in three words: practical, ingenious and flexible"

    Ms Lui Lai Sin
    Putonghua Panel Head
    Lingnan University Alumni Association (HK) Primary School
  • Ms Hilary Chan

    "In each LC (Learning Community) session, … we also maintain meaningful dialogues with our fellow LC members and gain invaluable insights."

    Ms Hilary Chan
    English Deputy Panel Head
    HKCWC Fung Yiu King Memorial Secondary School
  • Mr Chan Chung Leung

    "We can incorporate some curriculum initiatives into the language curriculum…in order to enhance students' writing skills and learning effectiveness."

    Mr Chan Chung Leung
    SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School
  • Mr Kong Chi Ho

    "Support services provide a good platform for exchanging ideas among teachers or schools."

    Mr Kong Chi Ho
    Chinese Panel Head
    SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School