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The Language Teaching Album (2020-2022): A Collection of School-based Practices

Title: The Language Teaching Album (2020-2022): A Collection of School-based Practices

Date: June 2023

Pages: 230

Download:   (21.8M)


I. Foreword
II. School-based experiences in Chinese Language Education
III. School-based experiences in English Language Education

  • 3.0 Optimising the school English Language curricula to foster students' whole-person development
  Broadening and enriching students' learning experiences through Language/Reading across the Curriculum
  • 3.1 Connecting students' learning experiences across subjects through Reading across the Curriculum

  • 3.2 Promoting Reading across the Curriculum in Key Stage 2 to help students connect their learning experiences

  • 3.3 Nurturing students' 21st century skills through integrating English into STEM education

  Realising the potential of students with diverse characteristics and learning needs
  • 3.4 Catering for the learning needs of local and cross-border students: A case of P4

  • 3.5 Learning beyond designated curriculum contents and lesson time

  • 3.6 Sharpening high-flyers' writing and thinking skills in the assessment and feedback processes

  Fostering values education and Life Planning Education to provide students with all-rounded learning experiences
  • 3.7 Fostering the development of higher-order thinking and positive values and attitudes beyond the classroom through a cross-curricular project

  • 3.8 Cultivating positive qualities and responsibility for learning through Reading across the Curriculum

  • 3.9 Delivering Life Planning Education within and beyond the senior secondary English classroom through an integrated approach to designing a career-related unit

  Guiding students to develop self-directed learning strategies that support them to learn how to learn
  • 3.10 Using life-wide learning to develop students' self-directed learning capabilities and bolster their confidence in language use

  • 3.11 Facilitating students' reading to learn capabilities through nurturing them into self-directed vocabulary learners

  • 3.12 Promoting a text-based approach to grammar learning and teaching: Towards Reading to Learn

  • 3.13 Nourishing reflective students into their own assessors through meaningful curriculum integration