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Messages from Leaders of the Task Force

Ms Betty Leung (Chief Curriculum Support Officer)
Ms Amy Poon (Senior Curriculum Support Officer / English Language Support)
Dr Man Enoch (Deputy Project Director / English Language Support)
Ms Clara Cheung (Senior Curriculum Support Officer / Chinese Language Support)
Ms Icy Wong (Senior Curriculum Support Officer / Chinese Language Support)

Since the inception of the education reform, we have witnessed immense changes in the field of education, and most important of all, the professional growth of the language teaching community in coping with the challenges and opportunities brought by those changes, policies and initiatives.


During the past years, apart from catering for the contextualised needs of schools, the Task Force has helped the school sector implement different language-related policies and reforms, including Specialised Teaching, Small Class Teaching, (New) Senior Secondary Curriculum, teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speaking students, fine-tuning arrangements of the medium of instruction, etc. In the course of planning and implementing those policies and initiatives, we have met with great challenges, especially those created by uncertainty in the internal and external school environments. Yet, the commitment of the teachers and their untiring efforts to improve their professional skills and build a collaborative culture among the teacher teams have not only enabled them to overcome those challenges, but have brought about real changes at school, department, and most encouragingly, classroom levels.


Despite the fact that we have had small successes and accumulated useful knowledge and experiences over the years, the journey to improving language education is never smooth as there are always waves ahead. The second wave of the curriculum reform, also known as Learning to Learn 2.0, has been launched in primary schools in 2014/15 and the version for secondary schools will be launched in 2015/16. We will work concertedly with our language teachers to focus, deepen and sustain our reform efforts in promoting learning to learn capabilities among our students.

We salute our collaborating schools for placing their trust in the Task Force over these years! Together we have grown in confidence and competence in providing the best language education for our students. Please join us to build a professional, dynamic and collaborative language teaching force!