Report On Holistic Review of the Mathematics Curriculum

Report On Holistic Review of the Mathematics Curriculum

The report reviews holistically the mathematics curriculum of Hong Kong and makes recommendations to the Curriculum Development Council on ways of enhancing continuity and coherence of the mathematics curriculum at various levels.


Table of contents
Executive Summary
List of Abbreviations
List of Appendices
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The current Mathematics Curriculum of Hong Kong
Chapter 3 Findings of the Research Studies
Chapter 4 Direction of Changes
Chapter 5 The Anticipated Mathematics Curriculum
Chapter 6 Implementation Strategies
Chapter 7 Summary of Recommendations
Appendix 1@ Executive Summary of Research 1 - Comparative Studies of the Mathematics Curricula of Major Asian and Western Countries
Appendix 2 Executive Summary of Research 2 - An Analysis of the Views of Various Sectors on the Mathematics Curriculum
Appendix 3 Aims of the Revised Primary Mathematics Curriculum
Appendix 4 Aims of the Revised Secondary Mathematics Curriculum
Appendix 5 Examples of Learning Dimensions
Appendix 6 A Reference Grid for Learning Dimensions in the Future Mathematics Curriculum 
Appendix 7 A Suggested Model of S.1-7 Mathematics Curriculum (Based on the Current Academic Structure) 

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