Module 4: People and Places around Me
Unit: Special People in Our Eyes




The school is organising the ‘Super Person Awards’ to encourage pupils to appreciate people around them, including their family members and classmates. Pupils are asked to nominate candidates for the different awards.


Task 1 The Super Person in My Family

Pupils identify the qualities of some super mums and their good deeds after reading the descriptions about them. Modelling on a poem, pupils write another one about their own mothers to show appreciation for what they have done for others. Pupils then listen to a text about some special people before they design a crossword puzzle on the adjectives used to describe the special people in their own families.

Task 2 The Super Students in My Class
Pupils nominate their classmates for different ‘Super Person Awards’ and write descriptions of their classmates to support their nominations. When the teacher presents the certificates to the winners, the groups read out the descriptions.





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