Chapter 1

Theoretical Underpinnings of Vocabulary Learning and Teaching

Chapter 2

Learning and Teaching Materials for Vocabulary Learning and Teaching

Module 1: Fun and Games Unit: Sports
Module 2: Fun and Games Unit: We Can Make Things
Module 3: We Love Hong Kong Unit: A Visit to Hong Kong
Module 4: People and Places around Me     Unit: Special People in Our Eyes
Module 5: Changes Unit: I am Growing Up


Chapter 3

Vocabulary Games and Activities
3.1 Games and Activities Included in Chapter 2
3.2 Other Games and Activities

Chapter 4


Appendix 1

Preamble to the Development of the Wordlists for the English Language Curriculum

Wordlists for the English Language Curriculum

Appendix 2

Learning Targets for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2


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