Chapter 3

Vocabulary Games and Activities

3.2 Other Games and Activities

Suggested Units

Games and Activities

(1) School Days

Domino Game

(2) This is My Home

One More Please (ppt.)

(3) Hobbies

Crossword Puzzle

(4) Leisure Activities

Matching Game

(5) Festivals and Special Events

Pelmanism Game

(6) Fun Time

Simon Says

(7) Places and Activities

True or False

(8) Favourite Food and Drink

Matching Game

(9) At the Food Stalls

Role Play

(10) Clothing and Accessories

Odd One Out (ppt.)

(11) Travelling Around

Word Search

(12) Jobs People Do

a. Pictionary Game
b. Word Association

(13) Making Friends

Throw and Catch

(14) Animals

a. Four-beat Rhythm Game
b. Pelmanism Game





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