Enhancing English Vocabulary Learning and Teaching at Primary Level is a resource package produced by the English Language Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in support of the implementation of the English Language Curriculum Guide (Primary 1-6) (2004).


Materials in this resource package are mainly adapted from the learning and teaching materials developed in the ‘Seed’ Project on ‘The Magic of Words: Enhancing Effectiveness of English Vocabulary Learning and Teaching at Primary Level’.




Promoting learner independence through the development of lifelong language learning skills, such as vocabulary building skills, is one of the key emphases of the English Language curriculum. It is important to provide pupils with ample opportunities to master these skills through purposeful and meaningful tasks.


This resource package aims to introduce the theoretical underpinnings of vocabulary learning and teaching. It also provides some vocabulary-focused learning and teaching materials and activities for teachers’ reference and adaptation for use in their own English Language classroom.


What is included in the package?


The resource package comprises the following:


•  a handbook for teachers which provides:

   -  theoretical underpinnings of vocabulary learning and teaching
   -  teaching plans
   -  learning and teaching materials
   -  vocabulary games and activities
   -  useful references on vocabulary learning and teaching
   -  a preamble to the development of the Wordlists for the English Language Curriculum

•  video clips of tryout lessons (only web version available)

•  the Wordlists for the Primary English Language Curriculum (only web version available)


The resource package can be accessed at the website of the English Language Education Section at


How can the package be used?


This resource package is designed to enhance teachers’ skills and competence in vocabulary learning and teaching. Teachers are recommended to read Chapter 1 first to get an overview of the theoretical underpinnings which lay the foundation of the teaching plans developed in the ‘Seed’ Project.


Teachers can then refer to Chapter 2 to see how theory is put into practice. During the tryouts in the ‘Seed’ Project, teachers selected target vocabulary items by making reference to the textbook materials and the Wordlists for KS1 and KS2 developed by the Education Bureau. Building on the theoretical underpinnings outlined in Chapter 1, learning and teaching materials were designed to help pupils develop their vocabulary building skills in meaningful contexts. Teachers can download the materials in the web version and adapt them to suit their pupils’ varied interests, needs and learning styles. Video clips demonstrating how the strategies were implemented in the classroom are also included in the web version for teachers’ reference.


In Chapter 3, there are some games and activities that teachers can conduct to enhance pupils’ motivation in learning English and to help them with the revision of the vocabulary items. Games and activities used in the units of Chapter 2 as well as games for other topics are included. Teachers can modify and use them for different modules.


To further enhance teachers’ professional development and to enrich their knowledge in vocabulary learning and teaching, a recommended bibliography on vocabulary learning and teaching is provided in Chapter 4.





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