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Activity Highlights

Language Learning Support Section
2023 Annual Sharing (Secondary)
Optimising the school-based language curricula to cater for diverse learning needs and foster students' whole-person development

Date of the event :
24 March 2023 (Friday)
Time of the event :
2:15 – 5:15 p.m.
Venue :
S.K.H. St. Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College
Target participants :
School heads, deputy heads, academic heads, Chinese and English panel heads, coordinators and teachers

Our Section has collaborated with secondary schools to make good use of the space and flexibility created by the optimising measures to enrich students' learning experiences through adopting a range of strategies. This event aims to share good curriculum practices of these collaborating schools on how to:

  1. infuse life planning education and values education into the language curriculum, with the aim of catering for diverse students' learning needs and enriching their learning experiences;

  2. enhance students language literacy and deepen students' understanding of Chinese culture through using a range of texts, cross-disciplinary collaboration and life-wide learning activities; and

  3. organise theme-based exploratory journeys in the community to connect students' learning and life and nurture their sense of responsibility and love for the community.


Experiences and reflections upon optimisation of the school curriculum


Language Support Officer

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Session 1

Nurturing life planning education and values education in language curriculum through time travel of characters of classics


Chinese teachers of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mrs Fung Wong Fung Ting College

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Session 2

Reinforcing learning of languages and Chinese Culture through multiple texts: Understanding, appreciation and exploration


English teacher of St. Clare’s Girls’ School, Chinese teachers of Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (West Kowloon)

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Session 3

Exploratory journeys in Chinese and English language learning: To explore, discover and appreciate


English teachers of Shun Tak Fraternal Association Seaward Woo College, Chinese teachers of S.K.H. Lam Kau Mow Secondary School, Chinese teachers of Salesian English School

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Conclusion and briefing of school-based support services (2023/24)


Language Support Officer

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