Data Handling Dimension
Key Stage 3

Learning and Teaching Package on S1-5 Mathematics

Table of Contents
I. Learning Targets, Learning Objectives and Notes on Teaching
A. Learning Targets
B. Learning Objectives and Notes on Teaching (KS3)
C. Learning Objectives and Notes on Teaching (KS4)
II. Exemplars of Learning Activities
Exemplar 1 Time to Take Off  
Exemplar 2 World Cup Soccer
Exemplar 3 Collection, Organization and Presentation of Data  
Exemplar 4 Comparison of Stem-and-leaf Diagrams and Histograms  
Exemplar 5 Scatter Diagram dh05_e.xls
Exemplar 6 Cumulative Frequency Polygon dh06_e.xls dh06_e1.xls
Exemplar 7 Constructing Data Sets from Given Mean, Median and Mode  
Exemplar 8 Exploring the Effects of the Change of Data on the Measures of Central Tendency  
Exemplar 9 Analysis and Interpretation of Data  
Exemplar 10 Misleading Graphs and Misinterpreting of Statistical Data  
Exemplar 11 A Look at the Average Wage  
Exemplar 12 Tossing a Coin dh12_e.xls
Exemplar 13 The Expected Value of an Amount of Pocket Money dh13_e.xls
Exemplar 14 A Game of Dice -"Dice Difference"  
Exemplar 15 A Game of Dice - "6" to Win  
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