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The Language Teaching Album (2020-2022): A Collection of School-based Practices

I. Foreword
II. School-based experiences in Chinese Language Education
III. School-based experiences in English Language Education

Fostering Values Education and Life Planning Education to provide students with all-rounded learning experiences

Case Title School Level
3.7 Fostering the development of higher-order thinking and positive values and attitudes beyond the classroom through a cross-curricular project
CCC Kei Wai Primary School (Ma Wan)
3.8 Cultivating positive qualities and responsibility for learning through Reading across the Curriculum
Ta Ku Ling Ling Ying Public School
3.9 Delivering Life Planning Education within and beyond the senior secondary English classroom through an integrated approach to designing a career-related unit
Bethel High School
HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School
Ho Ngai College (Sponsored By Sik Sik Yuen)
Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School