Graphic:Teaching Materials

Fostering High Order Thinking Skills
Teaching Package on S1-5 Mathematics

Five High Order Thinking Skills
Exemplar 1 To Formulate Algebraic Equations in Word Problems
Exemplar 2 Perimeter and Area
Exemplar 3 A Look at the Average Wage
Exemplar 4 Pattern  
Exemplar 5 To Investigate the Properties of Trapeziums hots05_1.gsp hots05_2.gsp hots05_3.gsp
Exemplar 6 A Game of Dice
Exemplar 7 Addition and Subtraction of Simple Polynomials
Exemplar 8 The Expected Value of an Amount of Pocket Money hots08_e.xls
Exemplar 9 To Verify the Points Lying on a Line Do Satisfy the Equation of the Line
Exemplar 10 Classification of Quadrilaterals
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