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Use of Information Technology
Teaching Package on S1-5 Mathematics

Impact of Information Technology
Approriate Use of Information Technology
Categories of IT in This Teaching Package
Use of Exemplars in This Teaching Package
Exemplar 1 To Study the Effects of Dilation and Contraction on 2-D Figures
Exemplar 2 To Find The Angle Sum of a Polygon 02_e.fig
Exemplar 3 To Explore the Properties of Parallelogram
Exemplar 4 To Study the Effects of Translation, Reflection and Rotation on Points in a Coordinate Plane 041_e.gsp 042_e.gsp 043_e.gsp
Exemplar 5 Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Exemplar 6 Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations Graphically
Exemplar 7 Solids and Nets
Exemplar 8 To Study the Cumulative Frequency Polygon 08_ex_e.xls 08_ex_e1.xls
Exemplar 9 Trigonometric Identities 09_ex_e.xls
Exemplar 10 Number of Solutions of Simultaneous Linear Equations 10_ex_e.xls
Exemplar 11 Pythagoras' Theorem
Exemplar 12 Fun with Rotation
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