School-based Curriculum Development in Primary Schools




Intensive on-site school support

Learning communities

School support officers visit schools regularly to work closely with teachers in collaborative lesson preparation meetings and provide various kinds of services (e.g. talks, seminars, workshops, classes and sharing) to facilitate school-based curriculum development and instigate curriculum initiatives. 

Leveraging on the teacher networks, members explore the continuous development of school-based curriculum. The cross-school professional sharing aims at enhancing teachers’ professionalism and leadership.



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Curriculum Leaders Learning Community

Learning Community of different KLAs

Learning Community for Primary School Teachers Supporting NCS Students in

Learning Chinese Language

Learning Community for

Primary School

English Language

Teacher Leaders

Learning Community for

Primary School


Teacher Leaders

Learning Community for

Primary School

General Studies

Teacher Leaders


Our Support Services:

  • Establish school support focuses and directions’
  • Visit schools regularly
  • Conduct collaborative lesson preparation meetings, lesson observation and debriefing
  • Collect and analyze student learning evidence so as to provide feedback on learning and teaching
  • Conceptualize, reflect on and share school-based curriculum development experiences


Target Members:

PSM(CD)s or Vice School





  • Annual general meeting for all members
  • Thematic monthly meetings
  • Cross-group meetings
  • School visits
  • Field trips


Target Members:

Teacher of different KLAs





·        Cross-school collaborative lesson preparation meetings

·        Thematic workshops

·        Enhancing practice for focused topics

·        Peer lesson observation

·        Cross-school experience sharing


Expectations on participating schools


Schools participating in intensive on-site support services would be expected to:

·         arrange collaborative lesson preparation time for teachers involved

·         designate curriculum leaders or teachers of the related KLAs to work closely with the school support officers to lead and coordinate school-based curriculum planning and development

·         share with other schools and teachers the experiences in curriculum development and all materials and resources they develop, e.g. work plans, teaching materials, research reports, students' work (The copyright of these materials will be co-owned by the EDB and the schools concerned. The EDB also reserves the right to compile and refine the materials before disseminating them for educational purposes.)

·         observe strictly their legal obligations and, in all cases, comply with the Copyright Ordinance in developing school-based curriculum materials


For schools intending to nominate teachers to participate in the Curriculum Leaders’ Learning Communities, please note that:

·         the nominees should be Primary School Masters/Mistresses (Curriculum Development), Assistant Primary School Masters/Mistresses (Curriculum Development), or Senior Primary School Masters/Mistresses

·         they should make arrangements in the timetable to release the nominees for meetings and activities