Graphic:Teaching Materials

Catering for Learner Differences
Teaching Package on S1-5 Mathematics

Strategies to Cater for Learner Differences
Exemplar 1 Investigation of Lines in Triangles tri1.gsp tri11.gsp tri2.gsp tri22.gsp tri3.gsp tri33.gsp tri4.gsp tri44.gsp tri5.gsp Tri5_2.gsp
Exemplar 2 Exploration on Fibonacci Sequence
Exemplar 3 Constructing Data Set from a Given Mean, Mode and Median
Exemplar 4 Exploration of the Meaning of Experimental and Theoretical Probabilities SPR.xls
Exemplar 5 Exploration of the 4 Basic Operations on Directed Numbers
Exemplar 6 Exploration of the Formula for the Area of a Circle 02_c.fig
Exemplar 7 Using Different Properties of Squares to Construct a Square with Information Technology Method1.gss Method2.gss Method3.gss Method4.gss Method5.gss Method6.gss
Exemplar 8 Using Information Technology to Construct Tessellated Figures reflectr.gsp translat.gsp
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