Measure, Shape and Space Dimension
Key Stage 3

Learning and Teaching Package on S1-5 Mathematics

Table of Contents
I. Learning Targets, Learning Objectives and Notes on Teaching
A. Learning Targets
B. Learning Objectives and Notes on Teaching (KS3)
C. Learning Objectives and Notes on Teaching (KS4)
II. Exemplars of Learning Activities
Exemplar 1 Estimation Strategies  
Exemplar 2 Ways to Reduce Errors
Exemplar 3 Formula for the Areas of Circles Cirarea.gsp
Exemplar 4 Accumulated Errors error01.gsp
Exemplar 5 Formula for Arc Length arc01.gsp
Exemplar 6 Construction and Properties of Polyhedra  
Exemplar 7 2-D Representations of Simple Solids
Exemplar 8 Rotational Symmetry about a Point eqang5.gsp eqang6.gsp eqang8.gsp eqlater5.gsp eqlater6.gsp eqlater7.gsp eqlater8.gsp 2D_Sym
Exemplar 9 Reflectional and Rotational Symmetry in a Plane 2D_Sym
Exemplar 10 Transformation on 2-D Shapes Ref01.fig Rot01.fig Tra01.fig
Exemplar 11 Applications of Transformation in Daily Life TransGame.exe
Exemplar 12 Minimal Conditions in Fixing a Triangle 2conA_S.fig 2conAA.fig 2conSA.fig 2conSS.fig 3conAAA.fig 3conAAS.fig 3conASA.fig 3conSAS.fig 3conSSA.fig 3conSSS.fig
Exemplar 13 Angles Associated with Parallel Lines and Intersecting Lines Alterna.gsp Corresp.gsp Interior.gsp
Exemplar 14 Exterior Angles of Polygons
Exemplar 15 Tessellation in a Plane
Exemplar 16 Symmetries in 3-D Shapes 3D
Exemplar 17 Nets and Solids
Exemplar 18 Limitation of Using 2-D Figures to Represent 3-D Solids
Exemplar 19 Applying the Idea of Transformation in Geometric Proofs
Exemplar 20 Lines in a Triangle
Exemplar 21 The Ancient Chinese Proofs on Pythagoras' Theorem
Exemplar 22 Properties of Various Types of Parallelograms Parllegm.gsp
Exemplar 23 Constructing Squares Square1.gss Square2.gss Square3.gss Square4.gss
Exemplar 24 Mid-point Theorem
Exemplar 25 Transformation of Points in Coordinate Plane Ref02.fig Rot02.fig Tra02.fig Tra03.fig
Exemplar 26 Slopes of Straight Lines Slope01.gsp
Exemplar 27 Sine Ratio Trigo1.gsp Trigo1.xls
Exemplar 28 Trigonometric Identities Trigo_Iden.xls
III. Appendixes
Appendix A Nets for Some 3-D Solids
Appendix B Template for Polygons
Appendix C Tools in Cabri Geometry II
Appendix D Explanations on How to Play the Transformation Game
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